Introducing Susan Fall, SMG’s Trucking Technology Expert

February 9, 2018

I’m a big fan of the trucking industry! The people, the products, the fact that without it our country would fall apart…all of it! As an example take a look here at the chart showing the trucks required for the recent Super Bowl. I especially love the role that technology plays in the trucking industry. … Read More

Your Best Marketing Investment for 2018

December 6, 2017

By Andy Boian President, Stryker-Munley Group Denver Invest in your customers, and your communities and they will be invested in you and your products. Forgive me if you’ve heard this before, but the concept of companies being able to build brand, and therefore revenue, both by contributing into their communities and getting involved with them … Read More

Making a Case (Study) for Your Organization

August 29, 2017

By Jeff Krakoff, President of Stryker-Munley Group—Pittsburgh I think every marketer has thought: “If only our prospective customers or clients could experience our product or service, it would be a slam dunk to get their business.” That certainly works if you have a good product or service. And it certainly works if you utilize case … Read More

What We’re Reading this Summer

August 8, 2017

By David Thalberg, President – Stryker-Munley Group-Los Angeles It’s August. If you have a vacation planned, it’s a great time to catch up on your reading. And by reading, I mean anything other than your Twitter and Facebook feeds! How about a book? Summer is a great time to kick back with a great beach … Read More

We Don’t Know What We See; We See What We Know.

July 5, 2017

Public Relations in the Age of Fake News By Mike Jamieson, Founder, Stryker-Munley Group Over the last 20 years, when I have told people that Public Relations is my business, I have often gotten a response like. “Oh, you are the spin guys.” This has always bothered me because I have always worked with people … Read More

My Relationship with Technology: It’s Complicated

May 22, 2017

By Allison Collinger, President, Stryker-Munley Group – St. Louis I have a love/hate relationship with technology… it is overwhelming but yet transformative; time-sucking and time saving; freeing and imprisoning. There seems to be a perfect app for everybody…which is amazing, but it is also like drinking from a fire hose. In a year of Zen … Read More

CALIFORNIA – Ready for Another Gold Rush?

May 15, 2017

By David Thalberg, President, Stryker-Munley Group-Los Angeles I moved to California about two years ago.  Having lived in New York City for 30+ years, this wasn’t just a “move.” It was a MOVE. Setting the personal feelings about California vs. New York aside… let’s look at this from a business perspective. Were Californians as serious … Read More

SMG National Meeting – Special Guest, Mira Sorvino

April 26, 2017

The leaders of our national offices gathered for three days on the west coast to discuss many things including growth plans, how to work better together to provide even more value for our clients, new technologies, new media opportunities and where to find the best bourbons. We were hosted this time in Newport Beach, California … Read More

How to Manage Those “Who Can Not Be Contained.”

April 26, 2017

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey   By Jennifer Bulotti, SMG Sacramento At Stryker-Munley Group, we have our share of incredible tech innovators and entrepreneurs. We have worked with Microsoft and Disney Interactive, as young start-ups and well-seeded ideas that led to incredibly competitive companies. The one question that always comes to the table is: How do … Read More