I’m a big fan of the trucking industry! The people, the products, the fact that without it our country would fall apart…all of it! As an example take a look here at the chart showing the trucks required for the recent Super Bowl.

I especially love the role that technology plays in the trucking industry. I didn’t come to this industry by birthright or interest though, I stumbled into it! My journey down this very narrow path that would ultimately become my passion and career began in 1993 simply by the fact that I had just returned to my hometown of San Diego after a post-college job doing PR for the US Canoe and Kayak Team in preparation for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. This new company called Qualcomm needed some PR help with their OmniTRACS trucking product and somehow I managed to land it. My job was to educate the trucking industry on the importance of this cool new “GPS Technology” while at the same time educate the mainstream and technology media about trucking. I was 26 years old and knew absolutely nothing about technology and even less about trucking. Talk about sink or swim!

After a year of going to every trade show and event the trucking industry had to offer I came to understand and really appreciate technology but I came to absolutely love the trucking industry. In 2000 I started LaunchIt, a firm that helps technology companies successfully enter into and continue engaging in the commercial vehicle segment of transportation.

Over the years I have launched hundreds upon hundreds of new products and services into the trucking industry. I can spend a day with a company and know by the end of it whether it is going to fail or succeed in the trucking industry and whether it’s going to be the fault of the product, the people or both. Those are big challenges that are definitely interesting to face but if it’s the fun challenge of helping them create the right messaging, worded in the right manner and put in front of the right people that is right up my alley!

My commitment to the trucking industry goes beyond a professional level. I serve it on a personal level as well.  I’m a founding member of Women in Trucking and serve or have served as a board member for Truck Writers of North America, Professional Truck Drivers Institute, and Trucker Buddy.  I am a Trustee for the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) Scholarship fund, an active member of the TCA Image committee and currently serves on several task forces for the American Trucking Associations Technology & Maintenance Council. Oh and I’ve  been awarded “Rigster of the Year” honors for two consecutive years (2016, 2017) by TCA for my efforts in promoting and increasing membership in the organization.

Bottom line, if you want to know about trucking and especially trucking technology and the perceptions and opinions surrounding it, then you’ve come to the right place! See more about Susan on our San Diego Page.

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