By Andy Boian President, Stryker-Munley Group Denver

Invest in your customers, and your communities and they will be invested in you and your products.

Forgive me if you’ve heard this before, but the concept of companies being able to build brand, and therefore revenue, both by contributing into their communities and getting involved with them directly, is the foundation upon which we built our practice.

While the concept of “corporate social responsibility” is not new, what we here at Stryker Munley Group refer to as SCI, or Strategic Community Investment, is.  A recent article in the New York Times, cited here, and written by Mr. Paul Sullivan, click here really hits the proverbial nail on the head, particularly around how one derives metrics to determine if it’s successful or not?

To quote directly from this piece,  “corporate philanthropy is really driven by a desire to show customers and employees that they are not just interested in profits, but that they care about the state of the world.”

The term corporate philanthropy is often used to describe this belief of achieving both profit and purpose, but it really can be boiled down to the simple fact that no longer are consumers of goods and services willing to just buy on price, or just on what’s easy to find, but the more sophisticated the buyer, the more he or she is coming around to the idea that their money can be spent with those companies that are looking at more than their bottom line, but rather at their place on this planet, and what is the responsible way to conduct business; all while increasing profit and potentially even longer term viability as a business.

Give it a try, and you need some ideas, give us a call.

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